Our approach involves defining success from different perspectives. That information is then stacked to create a framework that maps out the steps to success.


Our trusted advisors are in it for the long haul.  We are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about your business.  We believe that helping you navigate roadblocks and preempt adversity requires us to get up close and personal so that we can understand every aspect of your organization.  We take a holistic look at your organization, balancing financial and non-financial objectives as well as leading and lagging indicators.  Through a collaborative relationship, we will help you seize opportunities, capitalize on change, and drive sustainable success.


Our consultants focus on areas that are critical to success across the board, including strategy, IT, finance, and human capital management.  We provide leadership and strategic insight while simultaneously using deep analytical skills and functional expertise to identify all the details needed to address challenges in your business.  We have a unique approach in that whatever issue you throw at us, we consider what success looks like from multiple perspectives so that we can help you align what people are doing with the important things that drive success. 


Risk is all around us, especially in today’s ever-changing business environment.  IT risks, the risk of financial misstatements, and even the risk of losing customers are just a few threats faced by business leaders.  Management Stack’s team can mitigate those risks in your business.  Whether you are facing an audit or just want to sleep better at night knowing that your controls are sufficient, we will take an objective look at your organization and deliver value by identifying areas of weakness and recommending ways to strengthen your internal control structure.

We are knowledge enthusiasts who are passionate about making workplaces happier.

Our mission is simple: To cultivate happiness in the workplace. We are knowledge enthusiasts who stack knowledge, perspective, and innovation on top of the passion that you already have for your business. When these things collide in a big bang sort of way, radical transformations happen. A better business environment means that employees are happier. Happier employees are more productive, loyal, and engaged, which yields even more positive change. The cycle is never-ending. Everybody wins.

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“Knowledge inspires ideas. Ideas inspire innovation. Innovation inspires achievement. Achievement inspires happiness.”

– Jennifer Eversole, CPA, Co-Founder