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01 Jan Want To Change Behavior? You Must Start With Beliefs

New Years' resolutions are notoriously doomed from the start. Statistics vary on the topic, but we can probably all agree that the percentage of resolutions that stick is dismally small. So, what are we doing wrong? It would seem that, collectively, we are plenty capable, resourceful, and intelligent to be able to follow through on a resolution more often than not....

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03 Dec Code as a Second Language

The number of multilingual people in our society is on the rise. Learning a new language opens up new possibilities and opportunities, develops cross-cultural connections, and helps individuals gain a better understanding of the world, among other things. Not everyone who studies a new language gets to the point of native-like fluency, but even some knowledge of another language relevant...

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06 Nov Four Surprising Reasons to Love Internal Controls

The mere mention of internal control often conjures images of red tape and bureaucracy preventing people from getting things done.  And understandably so, the word control is right there in the name, and generally people don’t like things that try to influence or direct their behavior.  Unfortunately, internal control has gotten a bad rap as a necessary evil that disrupts...

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03 Sep CFO Guide to Employee Engagement

Many companies operate within functional silos where the CFO is responsible for all things finance and the CHRO is responsible for all things employee. This often leads to conflicting efforts that can prove detrimental to the organization. CFOs often focus on hard metrics like ROI, profit margin, and inventory shrinkage.   These types of metrics are often more comfortable for finance...

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Kanban Board - Simple

02 Jul Kanban for Accounting Firms

There is little doubt that the rules of business have changed. Because of technology and social media, clients drive business behavior more than ever before in history. Client satisfaction isn’t good enough anymore — client loyalty has become the holy grail of leading indicators to predict future financial performance. And, inefficient and ineffective processes directly affect those client loyalty scores....

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