We take a different approach

In technology, particularly in cloud computing, a wide range of services layered on top of each other to create a framework for a solution is often referred to as a stack. The layers are specialized but complementary and interconnected.


Management Stack advisors believe that consulting firms should operate in the same way. We tackle business challenges by tapping into our advisors’ broad scope of expertise to create just the right framework, one that stacks the right answers from various perspectives across the organization into the solution. That means that the solution will provide sustainable value for everyone touched by the challenge, whether they are stakeholders, customers, or employees.

“People are happier when they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  The best companies have a greater purpose and work relentlessly to be sure that everyone sees their contribution towards that purpose. “

– Craig Eversole, Co-Founder

  • Why

    We want to spread happiness in businesses everywhere. After all, who doesn’t want to be in an environment where bliss is prevalent? We know that there will always be challenges in business. In fact, we welcome those challenges because solving problems with the right perspectives often precipitates greatness.

  • How

    Our approach involves looking at business challenges and what success means from a financial and process perspective, as well as the perspectives of the customers and employees. The information we gather from this approach provides a framework that maps out the important things that need to be done to succeed.

  • What

    Our advisors’ wide range of expertise crosses functional areas throughout most any organization. We provide advisory services to help uncover problems and preempt adversity. We offer consulting to find solutions to specific challenges. We provide assurance services to mitigate risk and help you strengthen your control environment.




The perfect amount of simplicity. We believe in finding just the right amount of simplicity in everything we do. It’s great when the best solution is a simple one, but that’s not always the case. There are challenges that demand solutions that involve some complexity, and that’s ok with us. We are interested in the ideal solution, not just the simplest one.

Create creatively

We simply love to create amazing things. Sometimes the best way to create something, whether it’s a strategy, an infrastructure, or a website, is not obvious. The best solutions are often innovative and original, and are only discovered through creative thinking. We approach everything with a goal of uncovering the next great idea.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is our passion. Not just acquiring knowledge, but taking that knowledge, applying perspective and innovation, then sharing our collective wisdom for the benefit of those around us as well as ourselves. Knowledge inspires ideas. Ideas inspire innovation. Innovation inspires achievement. Achievement inspires happiness.

Don’t worry, be happy

Life’s too short. We don’t think that anyone should check their happiness at the door when heading into the office. Your collective bliss should include what happens in your work life. A better business environment means that employees are happier. Happier employees are more productive, loyal, and engaged, which drives even more positive change. The cycle is never-ending. Everybody wins.

Fluff Matters

When we say fluff, we are talking about those things that make a customer’s total experience better, sometimes without them even being able to put a finger on exactly what made them happier. What we are really talking about is having a professional style, throwing in a touch of perfectionism, and applying it in everything that we do.

Our Knowledge Enthusiasts

Craig Eversole

Co-Founder, Partner – CIO Stack

Management Stack, LLC

Craig is an alumnus of Virginia Tech’s school of Electrical Engineering.  He brings 19 years of success leading teams in the design and delivery of enterprise applications and computing infrastructures for companies in the engineering, financial services, and business services industries.  Craig uniquely leverages his strategic and tactical IT expertise with strong qualifications in executive leadership,  security & compliance, SaaS models, and IT service management / ITIL to meet the demands of growing organizations and evolving markets.


Craig was recognized by Friedman, Billings, Ramsey and Kiplinger for his pioneering work on the industry’s first extensible and open framework for the design and delivery of fully underwritten insurance products.

Jennifer Eversole, CPA

Co-Founder, Partner – CFO Stack

Management Stack, LLC

Jennifer is obsessed with helping companies and individuals achieve extraordinary results.  She helps companies develop and implement strategies across the organization and teaches them to align what people are doing everyday with the critical objectives that drive success.  Jennifer believes that a great strategy coupled with a culture of employee engagement leads to more customer loyalty, better business processes, and improved profits.


Jennifer is a graduate of Roanoke College and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants, is active in the Roanoke Chapter of the VSCPA, and is a member of the American Institute of CPAs.

Allen Walker, III

Advisory Partner – CMO Stack

DPS, Inc.

As the owner and President of Digital Printing Solutions, a strategic promotional marketing company, for over 20 years, Allen Walker, III utilizes his expertise in strategic branding to source innovative solutions through highly customized promotional marketing programs that help his customers bring their brand to life.  Having worked with hundreds of SMBs nationwide and Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and GE, as well as major events including the FedEx Cup, Allen is a leading authority on creating exceptional customer experiences that drive business results and build lasting customer relationships.


Allen is an alumnus of Emory and Henry and Veteran of the United States Air Force Civil Engineering Unit.

Brandi Bailey

Advisory Partner – CMO Stack

Brio Consulting

As President of Brio Consulting, Brandi has committed the last thirteen years of her career to energizing real estate developments from a visual perspective. With an exceptional gift for bringing synergy and collaboration to the design process, she has successfully helped owners develop and market everything from new construction projects to distressed commercial assets ripe for reposition in major markets. Brandi excels at developing outreach marketing and advertising plans for new and existing properties and developing training curricula for on-site teams based on quantifiable decision making and best practices in property management.


Brandi’s joy is giving back time to the students of Virginia Tech, where she serves as a student coordinator and teaches several career development classes each semester for the Residential Property Management program.

Jeff Smith

Advisory Partner – CHRO Stack

Voltage Leadership Consulting

As the CEO of Voltage Leadership Consulting and executive coach since 2001, Jeff is excited to share his passion for professional and personal development with your executives and high potential employees.  He uses a collaborative approach with his clients to help them determine their vision and then identify a plan to help them achieve their vision for their professional and personal lives.


Jeff graduated cum laude with a BBA from James Madison University in management and history.  He also holds a MA from George Washington University in Human Resource Development.  Additionally, Jeff graduated from Georgetown University with an Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate and became a Fellow of the Advisory Board in 2006.  He earned his Professional Coach Certification through the International Coaching Federation.

Jennifer Owen-O’Quill

Advisory Partner – CHRO Stack

Voltage Leadership Consulting

Jennifer Owen-O’Quill, Leadership Director for Voltage Leadership Consulting, is an executive coach, facilitator, organizational consultant and leadership guru. She has spoken at national and regional events from California to Chicago.  With over 20 years of experience, she has coached leaders and their teams to execute institutional culture change through effective organizational management and leadership development.  Leveraging change and conflict to deliver creative, constructive results is both a passion and talent of Jennifer’s.


Jennifer’s passion for leaders shines through.  She loves coaching leaders to thrive, and understands intimately the connection between a thriving leader and a thriving organization.  Her goal is to ground leaders deeply in their core vision and values, so that they can lead with ever greater clarity, integrity and authenticity.

Cody Blankenship

Advisory Partner – CEO Stack

Vitality Business Group

Cody is the founder and Managing Director of Vitality Business Group. He is an operational strategy consultant partnering with clients to solve complex problems and to implement sustainable solutions. Cody offers his deep knowledge of high tech manufacturing, design thinking, and lean six sigma methods to support both customer excellence and operational excellence. He is a problem solver possessing strong analytical, conceptual, and quantitative abilities. Cody helps businesses develop customer centric processes that deliver value to customers while improving operational efficiency. Cody has distinguished himself as someone who values relationships and is committed to seeing clients capture measurable results.


Cody is a graduate of the University of Virginia, a former U.S. Marine, and a founding partner of Veteran MX, a local non-profit organization that helps veterans leverage the mental and physical benefits of motocross training.

Jennifer Havens

Advisory Partner – CEO Stack

Stone Mountain Advisers

Jennifer Havens, President of Stone Mountain Advisers, has a diversified fifteen-year background in business consulting, marketing execution, marketing strategy leadership, and process improvement. Jennifer has extensive technology and manufacturing experience.  She has worked with and managed teams all over the world in various industries, including biotech, manufacturing, electronic recycling, and software, publishing.  As a leadership adviser, Jennifer brings vast knowledge of how individuals and teams work best for ultimate growth. Her experience managing and developing strategy with teams and leaders globally allows her to effectively help today’s leaders solve critical challenges specific to technical organizations.


Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, a Masters degree in Business Administration from Radford University, is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and a Certified Executive Coach.

Kimberly B. Snyder, CPA, CGMA

Advisory Partner – CFO Stack

KBS Results LLC

Kimberly Snyder, President of KBS Results LLC, is a magna cum laude graduate of James Madison University, a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Virginia, and a CGMA Designation Holder.  Kimberly earned a graduate degree from the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking, held at the University of Pennsylvania.  She also earned the Leadership Certificate from the ABA Stonier Graduate Wharton Leadership Program.  Kimberly’s extensive background in finance and diverse talents in strategic planning, operations, technology, project management, human resource management and leadership will prove valuable to companies of all sizes and in multiple industries.


Kimberly spent the past ten years as Chief Financial Officer of Valley Financial Corporation / Valley Bank.  Kimberly also has start-up experience through her tenure at The Egg Factory, LLC and nonprofit experience earned while working at Roanoke College.

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