03 Dec Code as a Second Language

The number of multilingual people in our society is on the rise. Learning a new language opens up new possibilities and opportunities, develops cross-cultural connections, and helps individuals gain a better understanding of the world, among other things. Not everyone who studies a new language gets to the point of native-like fluency, but even some knowledge of another language relevant...

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03 Feb 3 Ways Cloud Transformation Can Boost Team Effectiveness

Technology can be both a major opportunity and a major challenge for SMBs today. Technology is defining how businesses grow by changing the old ways of getting things done. Technology is transforming industries, business models, products, services, and even driving the creation of new industries. Here's the challenge though. Because of technology, businesses need to change to survive. They need to...

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23 Mar Using Network Function Virtualization to Achieve High Speed Communication

Software implementations run in virtual machines can help the virtualization of network appliances. By doing this, you can replace proprietary hardware with some more cost-efficient data center solutions. This way, IT costs can be decreased in a substantial manner. In addition, virtualizing more functions allows you to deploy more services and to integrate them quicker in your IT infrastructure. But, can...

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