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01 Jan Want To Change Behavior? You Must Start With Beliefs

New Years' resolutions are notoriously doomed from the start. Statistics vary on the topic, but we can probably all agree that the percentage of resolutions that stick is dismally small. So, what are we doing wrong? It would seem that, collectively, we are plenty capable, resourceful, and intelligent to be able to follow through on a resolution more often than not....

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06 Dec How to Catapult Your Career with a Personal Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard strategic planning and management system is the brainchild of Robert Kaplan and David Norton.  It was originally created as a performance measurement framework which added non-financial measures to the mix of KPIs used by leaders to give them a more balanced view of organizational performance. Over time, the balance scorecard evolved into a mechanism for taking a...

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20 Apr Impactful Engineering Leadership

In an article published by First Round Review (original post here), Jessica McKellar, former founder and now engineering manager at Dropbox, shares her experiences and insights on how to lead an engineering team.  As with most articles on management and leadership, I read this one with an objective mind towards knowledge and kept an eye out for lessons and ideas that support...

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