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03 Sep CFO Guide to Employee Engagement

Many companies operate within functional silos where the CFO is responsible for all things finance and the CHRO is responsible for all things employee. This often leads to conflicting efforts that can prove detrimental to the organization. CFOs often focus on hard metrics like ROI, profit margin, and inventory shrinkage.   These types of metrics are often more comfortable for finance...

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04 Jan What Makes Someone a Good CFO vs. a Great CFO?

In this interview, Management Stack's Jennifer (Duff) Eversole offers advice to CFOs and those striving for that role. Jennifer talks about motivation, employee alignment and engagement, and the difference between a good and a great CFO.      ...

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17 Jun CFO Guide to Improving Financial Results With DevOps

Managing the strategic financial direction of an organization is at the heart of the CFO role.  CFOs are charged with making informed decisions regarding how to distribute an organization's assets in order to maximize value to customers and, therefore, generate profit.  To that end, it is critical that CFOs stay informed about new and emerging business principles and management systems across all...

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